A Journey to ‘ChicPlicity’ : An Intro

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.”

-Linda Breen Pierce

Mrs. Pierce couldn’t have said it any better. Perhaps this post or series of posts won’t be for everyone. Only for those that would like to lead a more simple, natural and carefree life.

It must seem strange that this post is coming from me, regarding who I am , where and who I grew up with.  I should be all about the grandeur , the opulence, the limited editions, the VaVaVoom! All what my part of the world is renowned for…



It doesn’t really appeal to me, never did.  I actually find it quite distracting from what is important and what is beautiful.

But it took me a long time to actually realise and admit this to myself . I also slowly tried to create a distance from the cult of consumerism that has struck our era, that compulsory consumption of my generation. Hence, the ‘journey’ in the title. 

That doesn’t mean that I don’t own any material possessions! Far from that…

It just means that I am ready to own only possessions that serve a purpose , bring me joy or add beauty and value to my life. It also means that I am ready to stop acquiring things just to prove my existence. What I have isn’t what I am.

My look out for an idealistic way of life, (one that accommodates the different roles I play throughout my day, one that reflects the different careers I undertake, one that includes feeling un-pressured by excess, one that clears the clutter in my space whether be it spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally and one that is surrounded by loving beauty )  is a consideration that I undertook very recently and would like to share with you.

We accumulate things because we can, not because they are needed.

We hold on to the past and are anxious about the future, forgetting our present.

Living a life full of meaning, being un-possessed, gives us more time to take care of ourselves, to cultivate our minds , to work on our bodies, to fill our purpose.

We start to make room for the most important aspects of being human: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.




So try to question now what you own? Impossible? ……

In Scandinavian and Japanese societies , minimalism is a way of Life.  Unfortunately and unfairly the term ‘Minimalistic’ became a connotation to a restrictive practice : One should own less than 100 things , carry their wardrobe in their backpack while travelling the world , start a blog and be uncommitted.

If anyone here knows me well enough , I am not and (will never survive doing) any of those things.

( Except starting a blog of course) 😉

That is why I will apply the term ‘Simplicity’ or ‘ChicPlicity’ (Chic Simplicity)  throughout this journey for you to relax and keep on reading.

As far a I am concerned, taking the simple natural way, shouldn’t exclude being refined and majestic! For spiritual enlightenment, mosques and temples are usually inclined to simple interiors , fluid architecture and immaculate design. Their one or two lavish elements therefore appear more holistically striking : Silk rugs, Sandalwood , White Marble.

Yes, Simplicity is expensive.

But it is at that price I am willing to pay for my peace of mind and taking back control of my life. Wouldn’t you ?




In this journey of ‘ChicPlicity’ we will try to omit the excess baggage that we have been dragging all these years, and try to feel free, fabulous and fulfilled and we are going to do it together.

Thats right!  I will tackle in this journey absolutely everything!  from the way we look, think, eat, what we wear, our homes, our investments, our surroundings. To find our true self , feel (and not only look) successful, and to have more time in our day for what really matters. Life.


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