Lahd Gallery Artist Edward Akrout – My Favourite Artworks

Check out my latest #post on my favourite #artworks of @lahdgallery #artist #EdwardAkrout! The visual narrative that these pieces build as a series cover all ends of the spectrum in both their tone and feel but overall they depict a journey from life changing injury to a state of physical and mental rebirth. #OneWomanManyHats #TunisianArtist #ArtCollecting #ArtCollector #ContemporaryArt (link in Bio) ▶️

اقرأ عن أعمالي المفضلة للفنان #أدوارد_عكروت يترجم إدوارد سلسلة التغيرات التي صاحبت رحلة حياته بعد إصابتة الحادة، وحالة الولادة الجسدية و العقلية الجديدة التي عاشها في تلك الفترة. #قاعة_لحظ (اللنك في السيرة الذاتية ) 

'  My Family Motto is “Ne tentes aut perficie”. Alternatively: “Don’t attempt anything that you can’t lead to perfection”. It was pretty daunting at first but I’ve grown to accept and admire it as I’ve aged.' -  Edward Akrout In the fall of 2013, Edward Akrout was left … [Read more...]

Lahd Gallery Artist John Martono – My Favourite Artworks

The inner light

“It is only logical that when your frame is upright, paint will drip downward. A smooth painting technique is important for such fine silk material.” - John Martono It’s a well known fact that contemporary art is always pushing the boundaries of what one might consider … [Read more...]