Dori & Alia Mouzannar Fine Jewellery Launches in the UK with Zaha Hadid


I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.

– Mae West


A prestigious Lebanese designer jewellery house has been unveiled in the UK with a glamorous exhibition, complete with VIP guests, celebrating their arrival.

Fine jewellery designers Dori & Alia Mouzannar enjoyed a high profile launch, with an exhibition of a collection of their works, new and old, held at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery.




Dori Mouzannar



The history


Dori & Alia Mouzannar are cousins in a well-established family of fine jewellers, with the world-renowned business dating back to the 18th century.

In 1991, the two cousins took over the helm from their fathers, fusing their contrasting styles to create a series of iconic pieces and must-have collections.

Dori Mouzannar use of fine gems is clever and interesting, and a central feature in all of his work. Cleverly combining classic styling with contemporary ideas, each of his pieces feature a single set ruby, a distinguishing signature which sets his work apart.

My Favourite being the ‘Meteorite Gemstones’ representing the Ying and the Yang, The dark and good side of one’s personality.



Meteorite Gemstones


Alia Mouzannar’s style is a bewitching mix of functional architectural design and feminine elegance. Her history as a student of architecture is evident in every piece, but never more so than in her ‘Modular’ collection. Some of these pieces can be worn in as many as 13 different ways, yet never once sacrifice flowing beauty for practicality.


Below are my favourite pieces of her collection.



Earrings from A. Mouzannar's collection


Rings from A. Mouzannar's collection


Earrings from A. Mouzannar's collection



Dori and Alia’s unusual and distinctive designs were met with much enthusiasm on the night, triggering a stampede on social media as fans fought to get a glimpse of the collection on show.



The launch
The long-awaited arrival in the UK of the Mouzannar jewellery house was celebrated with an exhibition of their work, held at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery.

This location of the launch, hosted by Emma Hart and Push PR, was no coincidence, instead being deliberately arranged to showcase the collaboration between well-respected architect, Dame Zaha Hadid and the house of Mouzannar, and the creation of a new piece, ‘Silene Cuff’ (Arabesque gold cuff set with white diamonds)



Cuff designed by Zaha Hadid


Silene Cuff was designed by the internationally-renowned architect, and executed by the Mouzannar jewellery house, creating a piece which is as exclusive and breathtaking as you might expect.


Taking inspiration from Dame Hadid’s fluid architectural style, the cuff was shaped from 18 carat white gold and set with 1048 premium diamonds. The end result is a piece of surprisingly understated elegance, oozing sophistication and quietly clamouring for attention.


Silene Cuff has received such critical acclaim that it is set to just be the start of the collaboration between the architect and the fine jewellers, with a full collection set to be released during 2015.



Dori Mouzannar

This singular piece, along with a number of items from Dori & Alia Mouzannar’s collection, including diamond earrings and gold rings were on display during the exhibition, which was attended by a number of VIP and high profile guests.


Private clients rubbed shoulders with well-known VIPs, influencers, luxury editors and other privileged individuals who were invited to the exclusive occasion.


Dori & Alia Mouzannar’s UK collection


The glittering launch evening was just the start of a short exhibition, a pop-up event held at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery. Included in the five days was a Meet the Designers Brunch, hosted by Exeter Street Bakery at the same location, where guests could mingle and browse through the entire collection at leisure.


This event was organised to mark the arrival of the Mouzannar jewellery house into to the UK. From spring 2015 some of the leading stockists in fine jewellery in the UK are expected to be featuring Dori and Alia’s collections but until then, their pieces can be bought online.


A world where austere architectural function and glamorous jewellery collide is hard to image, yet somehow the collaboration between Dame Zaha Hadid and Dori and Alia Mouzannar is a superb triumph. Offering the austere and simple beauty of white gold, accented by sparkling diamonds, the Silene Cuff is not just a piece of jewellery, but a work of art.

Offering the best of Middle Eastern fine jewellery design, cut with contemporary influences, the Dori & Alia Mouzannar ranges are set to light up the UK.

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Dori Mouzannar






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