Fashion International At LFW To Showcase Some Fantastic Up and Coming Designers

Saturday the 13th welcomed the annual Fashion International show at London Fashion week, a fantastic initiative which showcases the best and brightest of new,emerging and established designers from the UK as well as from across the globe.


Runway of Fashion international


This year’s multi designer runway show featured a whole host of cutting edge designers , my favourites include Daniel Syiem, Delna Poonawalla and Lenie Boya. I will give you the lowdown on these hot new designers.


• Daniel Syiem


The line is a joint venture between Meghalaya born Daniel Syiem and Janessaline, which brings Daniel Syiem’s North Indian heritage and culture to the fashion world with a range of eclectic features and details. Daniel Syiem uses a number of techniques in his designs including weaves, organic materials as well as natural vegetable dyes to colour the clothes and Ryndia fabric which is solely sourced from Umden village not far from where Daniel was born.


Daniel Syiem design

As one of India’s hottest properties, he is taking the world by storm. Daniel Syiem’s range can be described as a fluid, unique and contemporary. Designing clothes with clear shapes and flattering styles designed to suit enhance a woman’s beauty, his designs were one of the most well-received at Saturday’s show. Keep an eye out for some new and exciting things on the horizon from Daniel Syiem soon.


Daniel Syiem Design



• Delna Poonawalla


Delna Poonawalla made her fashion debut back in the 1990s when she designed a range launched in Mumbai store Purple Porcupine, which features a range of ‘couture sarees’ which were a rarity back then. Now Delna is famous worldwide, having taken part in fashion shows all over the world before bringing her latest ideas to London Fashion Week. Love her accessories worn as ‘Cuff Bracelets’!


Delna Poonawalla Design


Using her spirituality as inspiration for this year’s collection, Delna Poonawalla has incorporated a number of design features including geometric prints, layering as well as colour blocking and leather detailing. The result is a colourful, striking collection which impressed on the runway, particularly the accompanying footwear, with its own unique detailing. We can’t wait to see more from Delna Poonawalla!


• Lenie Boya


Lenie Boya is already well known as the owner of Lenie’s Revival Boutique Dress Agency, catering to customers all over the UK with a fantastic range of dresses for every occasion. Bringing her eclectic collection to London Fashion Week, her designs have been described as ‘pop art’ chic full of interesting concepts, asymmetrical designs and bold colours.


Lenie Boya Design


As one of the most fun collections to hit the catwalk this year, Lenie Boya was turning heads for all of the right reasons. Working as a professional image consultant when not designing clothes, Lenie has a great concept of how clothes should fit individual body types as well as the importance of choosing the right colours. Lenie’s turn on the catwalk will sure to have people talking and lead to bigger and better things for this innovative designer.


Lenie Boya Design


Fashion International has once again proved itself to be one of the must-see runway shoes at London Fashion Week. What a night!


Me at Fashion International  at LFWat LFW


Designers wishing to register for the February 2015 show can do so by visiting


Bisous x


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