Lahd Gallery Artist Anas Homsi- My Favourite Artworks

If you have a look at the works of Syrian artist Anas Homsi at Lahd Gallery, you can see how he endeavours to recapture the essence of dreams with full colour and spontaneity….

He seems to paints freely captivating, fascinating and inspiring the audiences from within. Anas Homsi describes his creative process as ‘spontaneous’ and ‘a relief.’ Getting back to a state of childhood, he allows his imagination to take over to achieve his own unique style of artwork.

Whilst every painting represents a different emotion or atmosphere, the use of vibrant colours is prominent throughout his collection of works. It is the use of these luminous colours and impressive hues that drew me; it is a sort of an insight into his soul.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Homsi’s paintings is that they are left to your own interpretation. Homsi says that ‘each time is different, each painting from a different daydream.’




Art work of Syrian Artist Anas Homsi


When examining Homsi’s work, it is easy to get lost in the emotion of the work itself. His piece entitled ‘Longing’ is one of my favourites! it features two human shapes facing each other and embracing intimately, with one side of the piece coloured in darker hues than the other. This opposition of light and dark joined together by the embracing figures and vibrant colours simultaneously invokes feelings of discord and harmony, dark realism and a phantom, dreamlike state. I felt like  a voyeur, witnessing a scene that is mean to be private rather than publicly displayed.




Art work of syrian artist Anas Homsi


Conversely, his piece entitled ‘Joker’ is bright, playful and forward-facing, as if inviting me to join the figure in his antics. We can just as easily imagine a child as an adult having such a dream, as it can be universally enjoyed! The mood is joyful and perhaps a bit wistful, as though Anas is recalling a specific childhood memory that he wishes he could re-live. You can also see how Homsi uses the process of layering to build up the painting and give it depth. Just as the imagination and memory has many layers, so does his work.

The great abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, in works such as ‘Woman V’, presents a similar use of colour with his abstract figures. Although his palate  (for me personally) is not nearly as vibrant and deep as Homsi’s.




While de Kooning uses colour in specific places to separate different elements of his paintings, Homsi’s random splashes of colour across his canvases are simultaneously random and cohesive.

Elements of the contemporary syrian artist Anas Homsi’s style can also be seen in the late 20th century painter Wassily Kandinsky’s early work!  Kandinsky’s painting ‘Composition IV’ also features dreamlike figures and vibrant colours that demonstration both cohesion and chaos.




Painting, said Kandinsky, had to come from what he called ‘internal necessity’, an inner compulsion to reflect the inner voice of the artist.  Homsi executes this beautifully by sharing his intangible dreams through the tangible medium of painting, in a unique style entirely of his own.

To look at a virtual exhibition of all the works of Anas Homsi at Lahd Gallery click HERE 

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