Saturated by jewels….or am I?

From Linda Farrow Fine Jewellery Collection to Faraone Mennella cocktail party and the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, This week was a Fine jewellery  Bonanza and I loved every minute of it! Lets start with….

Linda Farrow Fine Jewellery Collection

The Bespoke of this Fine collection was no other than Bobby white , the London award winning jewellery designer and one of the few master-craftsmen on London’s fashion scene.

I was captivated by the much sought after ‘Motion’  Collection that can be made individually to order. This multi-hinged ring springs open ! and can come in 2 to 3 rows of 18 ct Gold with a set of 6 ct round brilliant cut diamonds subtly lying beneath the surface. You can of course pair that up with a Pear Halo Gold’  on  your index finger for that ‘extra effect’ .

me wearing Bobby white Motion ring at Linda Farrow Gallery


Most definitely beautiful to the eye, technically inventive and crafted with precision.

For more information about the collection you can visit Linda Farrow Gallery on 91 Mount Street, London, W1K 2SU


The Faraone Mennella Pre-Party 

An evening of international fun before the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Gala the next dayRoberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio  (founder of the most unique collection of modern-day Cameos ) were most definitely as unique and charismatic in person as their very much acclaimed jewelry collection associated with luxury, Italian refinement and style.


Me , Amedeo Scognamiglio and Roberto Faraone Mennella


They were nominated to design the Award Prizes , which consists of a 24 ct Golden Crown uniquely created for each winner . Quite the fitting emblem to symbolise a ‘Luxurious Lifestyle’ .


Faraone Mennella necklace and the Luxury Lifestyle Awards


for more information about the Amadeo NYC and the Faraone Mennella Collection you can visit the Faraone Mennella Boutique at 28 Lowndes St, London SW1X 9HX


The Luxury Lifestyle Award Europe 2014

This yearly international Award is granted to the brands luxury  for their initiatives and outstanding achievements : From Spa and wellness resorts, restaurants and Boutique Hotels to Jewellery Brands and interior Salons all over Europe. The ceremony concept was Casino Royale  and the Langham Hotel was buzzing with guests in Black ties  a la James Bond  and long dresses a la Vesper Lynd . Ronnie Scott’s live band ended the evening with a ‘Twist and Shout’ while dancers covered in gold and ruffled feathers were sensually moving from table to table. I really felt the only one missing was Ms. MoneyPenny!

For the occasion I wore a classic set of white diamonds with a floating pear shaped stone.

me wearing fine jewellery


You can visit the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 for some spectacular photos in the next coming days!

Bisous x






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