The Future Contemporaries Party with SerpentineXCoach

preview of Future conemporaries party

''Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning'' - Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz And what a party it was!!!! Future Contemporaries party is one of the major highlights of London’s social calendar, so it was an event I wasn't prepared to … [Read more...]

Lahd Gallery Artist Marianne MarpLondon – My Favourite Artworks


'My approach to creativity is grounded in my curiosity' - Marianne MarpLondon   Take a look at the work of London artist Marianne MarpLondon and you’ll see that it lies somewhere between reality and fantasy - her own personal dream world.   Marplondon loves … [Read more...]

Preview of the Exhibition ‘Provocateur’ at Imitate Modern

Photographer Tyler Shields’ exhibition at Imitate Modern is set to be one of the most provocative and awe-inspiring shows of this decade. Opening the doors on a very private part of all our lives, Tyler Shields is aiming to make sexuality a more open and public theme. With … [Read more...]

Chandeliers at David Gill Galleries

Chadelier exhibition at the David Gill Gallery

The David Gill Gallery in London has premiered its 'Chandelier' exhibition, featuring new works that utilise Swarovski crystal and innovative mediums, illustrating ‘different materials and forms, not just to challenge the traditional chandelier but also the contemporary … [Read more...]